Ornella - sixteen years old - Santiago, Chili !

About me

hello, my name is ornella arnechino arias, I have sixteen years, I live in santiago, chile. I have lived in over ten houses and been to more than eight different schools.

My favorite pastime is being with my friends, I like listen to music, watch TV, enjoy a delicious lunch with family, sleep, I love to eat potatoes with cheese sauce, reading, going to the movies, go shopping with my mom.

some of the things that bother me most is when people talk about you without knowing you, when the pillow is warm in the summer, it bothers me that people think I know I lie. my favorite color is green, my platonic love is zac efron, my favorite seasons are summer and autumn. I like the summer because there are more opportunities to enjoy with your loved ones and I like the fall because I love seeing the leaves brown color on the edge of the street. listen to music relaxes me when I’m angry.

my future dream is to be a veterinarian to help animals in need, after that travel to africa to help the people and animals of that country in and you will be able to grow as a person, after that travel to Italy in order to know the attributes of this beautiful old city. to the things that I am afraid they are the pigeons and bees.

I like to live life my way no matter what people think of me. follow me and you can know a lot more about me.

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